Credit: Instagram

Our favorite guidette mama Snooki has gotten really svelte since giving birth to her son, shedding the baby weight and then some by getting in amazing shape. Snooks hits the gym a whopping seven days a week, and it looks like all of her hard work has paid off in a big way, because this meatball now has guns!

Snooki recently showed off the results of her crazy workouts in this Instagram pic, flexing her muscles proudly while grinning for the camera (in a big pair of leopard print sunglasses, of course!) “I almost popped a blood vessel taking this,” she wrote as a caption.

Considering how tiny she’s gotten from kicking butt at the gym, and how naturally tiny she is general, that arm muscle is pretty damn impressive! If Jersey Shore ever does come back for a reunion season, we have a feeling Snooki will be joining the muscular boys for their sessions of GTL.

What do you think of Snooki’s “gun” shot? Are you surprised at how muscular she’s gotten? Share below!