Credit: Instagram

Our favorite DJ Pauly D is known for his infamous “motorcycle-proof” blowout that seems to withstand anything, but he changes it up now and again, too. While we’ll always love his crazy super-gelled hairstyle, we have to admit that Pauly D also looks very handsome with his hair slicked back in a recent sleek “Great DJ Gatsby” look.

In celebration of the new Great Gatsby movie, Pauly D looked sharp wearing a suit, tie. and slick new hairstyle, showing off his handsome face and big brown eyes. Though some fans loved the new look, others urged Pauly not to lose his favorite blowout! “Nooooooo not the hair!” while another commented that his eyes “look amazing!”

Honestly, we don’t mind him trying new things out, and he’s still using gel! Maybe he’ll save some time and money if he tones it down once in awhile, but goes back to his blowout for big events.

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