Credit: Instagram

Lorenzo certainly seems to take after his wild mom and dad on the “crazy” front, as this little daredevil recently practiced a trick that made Jionni call him a “beast.”

Jionni Instagrammed this adorable photo of Lorenzo performing a crazy baby stunt, holding himself up by his hands (with Jionni’s help, of course!) Is this little guy already doing push-ups?

Credit: Instagram

“Holy s—t balls Lorenzo is a beast!!” Jionni wrote as a caption. We know Jionni is a former wrestler who occasionally partakes in some friendly competition, and since mama Snooki is now a fitness freak, we have a feeling baby Lorenzo will grow up to be quite the athlete if his parents and these baby skills have anything to do with it.

Pretty soon Lorenzo will be learning how to walk, and Snooki’s already got the baby gates up in anticipation. We can’t wait to see more of him hamming it up for the camera on the upcoming Season 3 of Snooki & JWOWW.

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