Over the past few months, Snooki has given us some insight into how she lost all of that baby weight (mostly working out and eating healthy), but now she's really revealing her exercise secrets.

The former Jersey Shore star is letting us into her gym world with her new Workout Wednesday videos on her Celebuzz site. The clips will show what she and her trainer Anthony Michael are doing at her gym, Florham Park Fitness. We're ready to get Snookified!

If you are too, check out her first video above, where we see segments of Snooks sprinting on a treadmill, lifting weights, and of course, flexing for the camera. Even if it means rocking a leopard zip-up and hot pink sports bra, we're ready to follow this in-shape guidette's workout plan! Click here to watch the video

Will you use Snooki's videos to help you work out? Let us know in the comments below!