Credit: Rick Davis/Splash News Photo: Snooki's Pregnancy Book, Baby Bumps, Cover

Ever since we heard that Snooki was writing a new book, we’ve been anxiously awaiting a release date. Since announcing that her fourth book was going to be about pregnancy, she’s kept relatively tight-lipped about it, but this week, she is handing out information like candy.

Yesterday, she revealed the cover (featuring her kissing little Lorenzo’s head!) and the name (Baby Bumps), and today, May 31, she told her fans that her book will be released in January 2014!

When a fan asked about the release date ("@MERKenzieBSM: @snooki when does your baby book come out?! I'm due in October and I want it before then!!") she responded, "Jan 2014 ! Ull be fine," attaching two kiss Emojis!

Aww. So close, yet so far away. You can check out the cover of the book above, and then hit the comments with your thoughts. Will you buy it? Sound off below!