Credit: MTV

Although the cast of Jersey Shore has been enjoying some recent reunions together — MTV’s Spring Fix Benefit concert, the re-opening of Seaside Heights, partying at Pauly D’s recent DJ gig — one very important guido has been missing from all of these get-togethers: The Situation!

Credit: MTV

Mike also wasn’t in any Snooki & JWOWW episodes, including Snooki’s pregnancy and engagement announcement dinner, nor was he there for JWOWW’s surprise engagement party. It makes sense that Snooki didn’t invite him, as he and her have been on the outs ever since he continually tried to sabotage her relationship with Jionni for three consecutive seasons, but we thought he was still at least friends with some of his other former roomies, especially his boy Pauly!

We can’t help but wonder the obvious: Is the cast of Jersey Shore still friends with The Situation?

We know Mike’s been busy working on his own projects, as he recently re-launched his online store and is currently filming his own spin-off, but he does live in the same area as the rest of the cast! We haven’t seen any of them hanging out together since the final season, nor do they mention one another on Twitter.

Is Mike on the outs with his roommates? We hope not, as it’s just not Jersey Shore without the Sitch. We still love you, Mike!

What do you think about the cast not hanging out with The Sitch? Do you think they’re all no longer friends with him? Share below!