Credit: Snooki on Instagram Photo: Snooki and Lorenzo

Baby Lorenzo is growing up so fast!

Snooki's 10-month-old son will be turning one in the next few weeks, so what is the latest milestone to report?

"He's starting to stand up on his own," the former Jersey Shore star told E! News. "He pulls himself up on the couch or on his toys and then he'll let go and actually stand up for a couple seconds. That's been the milestone lately."

Does that mean he'll be walking soon? "I wouldn't say close to walking, but he's getting there," the 25-year-old added.

Snooki and fiancé Jionni LaValle are just beginning to talk about their big wedding, but it seems like for now, Lorenzo's firsts are taking priority.

"Right now we probably want to get married next year sometime," Snooki said. "We're actually starting to talk about it now. We don't really have any plans yet, but we're starting to talk about it. So that's a first."

Source: E! Online

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