Credit: Instagram

We know Snooki’s totally into hitting the gym these days; in fact, thanks to her new healthy habits, she’s come a long way from the girl we met in Jersey Shore’s first season! But Snooki’s new bod took a lot of work, and sometimes, that means some pretty crazy workout routines!

Over the weekend, Snooki Instagrammed a pic of herself sweating it out at the gym — and Snooki doesn’t just rely on the treadmill to get in shape. In the caption of the photo, Snooki bragged, “Just leg pressed 225lb 7x bitches!!” Wow! It makes us exhausted just thinking about the kind of energy and strength it would take to accomplish a leg workout like that, especially considering how tiny she is. We’d be bragging, too!

Leg pressing some serious amounts of poundage isn’t the only way Snooki’s getting fit. She also lifts weights to tone her arms, follows a strict diet, and has even started making videos to encourage fans to follow her workout plan, too.

What do you think of Snooki’s latest gym accomplishment? Are you impressed, or do you think she’s taking her workouts a little too far? Sound off in the comments below!