When JWOWW cheats on her diet, she really makes it count — even if it’s only an hour into healthy eating!

So what poison did Jenni pick? According to one of her BFFs, Joey, a pound of chocolate. Umm, yum?! And Jenni’s response? “Hate us.”

Jenni might be trying to polish her bikini bod to prep for more promo for her new Perfect Tan Bikini line, a whole set of cute swimwear that sticks to your body. That means no straps are necessary and in turn, no pesky tan lines! We’re all for getting in shape, but personally, we think she’s already beach ready.

And besides, for a healthy diet to work, total deprivation of your favorite junk foods is a big no-no. She’s on the Paleo diet — which only allows for meat, veggies, nuts, seafood, and fruit — and already has cut out dairy and carbs for the most part, so we can excuse her indulging in some sweets!

Do you think JWOWW needs to stick to her new diet, or is a little cheating okay — especially in the name of chocolate? Sound off in the comments!