Credit: Jionni LaValle on Instagram Photo: Snooki And Her Tough Mudder Team

The old Snooki wouldn’t be caught dead in anything that wasn’t fierce and fabulous, let alone covered in mud. However, this Jersey Shore star has turned over a new leaf and is now a proud, fit mommy who doesn’t mind getting dirty — even in public!

Credit: Snooki on Instagram Photo: Snooki And Friend Stephanie Run a Tough Mudder

In addition to looking filthy, it was after a big race, too. Exercise and getting covered in mud? Snooks, we hardly recognize you! Our girl recently took part in a Tough Mudder run and came out looking mighty different.

In the photo above — let’s call that the “before” shot — Snooki poses with her team (including fiancé Jionni), which is appropriately named “Mudder F’ers.” Notice the bright and clean white and pink shirts on the group of cuties.

This photo (left) — which we’ll call the “after” shot — shows Snooki and her pal Stephanie sporting mud on their outfits and bodies. From the looks of it, these girls dominated the race. Snooki even called them “champs.” You go, girls!

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