Credit: Ronnie Magro on Instagram Photo: Ronnie Magro With Wolverine Claws

Move over Hugh Jackman — Ronnie Magro is coming for your job. The former Jersey Shore star and aspiring actor has a knack for finding himself alongside some A-list Hollywood actors in promos for White House Down and The Last Stand, but this time, he was really feeling the character.

Credit: Ronnie Magro on Instagram Photo: Ronnie Magro as Wolverine

Check out Ronnie sporting the signature Wolverine claws above, looking buffed out and rugged enough to even land the lead role. You can definitely tell that he’s getting into it and having fun with everything. Here’s some of the hashtags with the photo: “#RealWolverineClaws #Sick #BeingSillyOnSet.”

In the
second photo, the look is more complete. Now we see Ronnie with the claws AND Wolverine’s signature hair and facial hair. As always, Ronnie seems humbled by the whole experience, captioning: “#EverydayIsANewGift #Blessed #IamWearinThisToChurch #HughWouldProud #NotAWolf #kindOfaCub.”

I wonder if Sammi is loving this look? Hmm...

What do you think? Is Ronnie pulling off the look, or should he leave the job to Hugh Jackman? Sound off below!

Credit: THR Photo: Ronnie Discusses Life After Jersey Shore (VIDEO)