Credit: Twitter

It’s finally summer, which means it’s also swimsuit season... and we can tell Deena Nicole is super excited to have the chance to show off her bikini body!

Credit: Deena Nicole's Instagram Photo: Deena Nicole Shows Off Bikini Bod

Recently, Deena Instagrammed a photo of herself ready for a day in the sun with the caption, “poolside all day.”

In the photo, Deena’s wearing a super cute yellow bikini, and she looks tan, slim, and super healthy! And now we can finally see what the hair extensions she got earlier this week look like from the front — and we love them!

Since Deena traded in her drinking and partying habits for a way more health-conscious lifestyle, she’s whipped herself into shape. We’re happy to see her so happy with the progress she’s made so far!

What do you think of Deena’s new fit figure? Did you like her better in her Jersey Shore days, or are you glad she’s getting healthy? Tell us in the comments!