With all the drama and controversy surrounding celebrity chef Paula Deen lately, Food Network made the decision not to renew her contract, effectively ending her relationship with the channel. But whoever replaces her will have some tough, butter-loving shoes to fill, and Vinny Guadagnino wasted no time weighing in on his opinion on the matter.

But don’t worry, Food Network: you may have lost a Paula, but you could gain a Paola!

On Friday, Vinny Instagrammed a photo from his mother’s recent interview with the New York Daily News with the caption, “Hey @foodnetwork, now that you're letting one Paula go, I have the perfect Paola to fill her spot...”

Vinny’s mom, Paola Giaimo, already has TV cooking experience after serving up some of her best dishes to guests on The Show with Vinny, and we think she could be a great fit.

Do you think Paola could be the new Paula, or should she stick to cooking for her family and the guests on Vinny’s show? Share your opinion with us in the comments!