Pauly D’s been pretty busy lately — but not too busy to make a fan’s day, of course! This weekend, while Pauly was in Atlantic City performing at Harrah’s, he invited one of his biggest fans on stage with him: Chad from World of Jenks. Spoiler alert: it was a total tearjerker moment!

If you don’t already know Chad, we first met him in Season 1 when Jenks lived with him for a week. In  Season 2, we got to know Chad, who helped us understand what living with Autism is like. We instantly fell in love with him on the show, and according to his mom, Pauly D is Chad’s hero — so meeting Pauly meant the world to him.

Wanna see how it all went down? If you’ve got a minute or two to re-apply your mascara, you can watch their meeting below. We’re totally tearing up all over again just thinking about the video! Chad is so excited to be on stage with Pauly D, and we’re so happy for him!

What super sweet act of kindness would you like to see a Jersey Shore alum do for a fan next? Sound off in the comments!