Credit: Instagram

It’s summer and it’s swimsuit season, which means plenty of bikini selfies. And after Snooki showed off her revealing top earlier this week before she hit NYC with her fam, Deena Nicole wasn’t too far behind!

On Tuesday, Deena tweeted a photo of herself in her bikini top out by the pool and in the sunshine with the caption, “Cheese! Summer lovin” (plus various summer-related Emojis).

We love this new pic of Deena! She looks so cute having fun in the sun — and makeup-free, which is a little different from her club and event-ready looks we see so often. We’re fans of her big sunglasses, too!

Plus, let’s not forget to mention her seriously rockin’ bod. This meatball has slimmed down and looks absolutely incredible. Though you can really only see her cleavage here, in other pics, her flat stomach and slim legs have us super envious.

What do you think of Deena’s new look? Do you think it’s super sexy or should she try shopping for something a little more conservative for the pool? Share your opinion with us in the comments!