Credit: MTV

Which former Jersey Shore stars would you most like to take a bite out of? For the price of $16.50 — at an unknown restaurant — you can get a sushi roll inspired by one of the cast members of the hit MTV reality show. But which guido or guidette inspired the tasty treat?

Credit: Mike the Situation on Instagram Photo: The Situation Roll

That would be Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. That’s right, Mike is the inspiration for what the restaurant has termed “The Situation Roll,” as evidenced by the reality star’s Instagram photo.

The roll sounds yummy, at least. The roll is filled with chicken tempura, topped with Spicy shrimp, tuna and something crunchy. It’s too bad we can’t see what the last ingredient is, but I guess the restaurant might want to keep their recipe a secret.

Now that we’ve seen one Jersey Shore cast member immortalized on a sushi menu, we’re extremely anxious to see what the other stars’ rolls would be filled with. There’s a business idea for a superfan/entrepreneur out there: a sushi restaurant completely inspired by everything Jersey Shore.

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