Earlier this week, we spotted Sammi Sweetheart cuddled up with someone who is definitely not longtime boyfriend, Ronnie Magro. So, who’s Ron’s competition? We’ll give you a hint: she has four legs and has got her Instagram angles down.

If you guessed Sam’s pup, Brynley, you were right! On Thursday, Sammi Instagrammed a cute pic of her and her adorable four-legged BFF with the caption, “Pup love.”

By now, Brynley’s a natural at selfies — the camera loves her! And she’s no stranger to Instagram, either. Sammi posted a photo of her earlier this week, too, and the fans went crazy over her! Together, the two pics have garnered over 70,000 likes already.

Though Sam is usually cuddled up to Ron, we have to admit that seeing a puppy in the pic is a little cuter. Plus, Ronnie is pretty busy hanging out with Channing Tatum as he stars in MTV promos for White House Down, so Sammi needs someone to keep her warm at night.

We’re so jealous Sammi has such a cute pooch to cuddle with. Do you think Brynley’s giving Ron a run for his money? Sound off in the comments!