We all know former Jersey Shore star Snooki and her darling son Lorenzo are the greatest mommy and son duo out there on Instagram, but these two must have moments where they don’t like each other, right? Wrong.

In the photo above, Snooki is proclaiming her love for her son, calling him, “My life, my best friend, my munchkin, my sunshine, my miracle, my son.” That’s a lot to say about one little guy! Snooki isn’t very shy when it comes to let the world know she loves her son, but with him being a baby, he’s surely keeping her up at night, getting into things he’s not supposed to, and not cooperating with all the rules. But don’t worry, Snooki isn’t ever mad at him.

In the photo on the left, Lorenzo is caught in the act: pulling his mom’s earring while giving his cutest face to the camera. While it may hurt, Snooki is smiling through the pain, saying, “He even looks adorable pulling my earring.” We definitely agree. Who could ever get mad at a cute little face like that? That’s right — nobody.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that Snooki used to be a crazy party girl on Jersey Shore, but now she’s just a loving mama who makes us tear up with the sweet things she says about her son.

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