We're starting to forget what Snooki looked like when we first met her as a guidette meatball.

The former Jersey Shore star, who has made a major body transformation over the last few years, took to Instagram earlier in the week, flaunting her sexy toned bod. Along with a photo of herself flexing in the mirror at the gym (so guidette), she wrote, "Pumping iron this am." Attagirl!

In the pic, Snooks is also debuting her many tattoos, including a crown and a bow tat on her now-bulging bicep, some shooting stars on her back, and more.

While she’s showed off her muscles and many gym routines before, it still surprises us that she’s this toned. She’s still teeny tiny (and getting even smaller every day, it seems like), so maybe that makes her muscles look bigger, but we think it’s just all her hard work. You go, Snooks!

Check out Snooki putting the G in GTL in the photo below and then let us know what you think of her chiseled arms in the comments below.

Credit: Snooki's Instagram Photo: Snooki Shows Off Arms at the Gym