Credit: Mike Coppola/ Getty Images Photo: Angelina Pivarnick Poses at Fashion-On-The-Go Hair Styling Services Celebration on May 6, 2011

Our girl Angelina Pivarnick is no stranger to the small screen, but could she be making a move to the big screen sometime soon? According to Angelina’s Instagram account, she’s moving on to bigger and better things.

Credit: Angelina Pivarnick on Instagram Photo: Angelina at Acting Class

The reality star shared this photo of a very legit looking acting class. We can’t see Angelina, but we are seeing the acting class from her point of view. It looks like there is a scene going on between a male and female actor, with the class looking on. She tweeted that she’s attending the Beverly Hills Playhouse Acting School, but not the LA location — she’s at her “first day of acting school in NYC.

Who know, maybe Angelina could end up in a big blockbuster hit movie. As of now, the former Jersey Shore star only has various reality shows on her IMDB page, but perhaps with the right training, she could become the next romantic comedy lead or an action star. That would be the true underdog story, coming up from reality TV to the big leagues.

But in the meantime, psst, Angelina — pay attention in class!

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