Credit: Instagram Photo: Snooki and Jionni Coordinate Their Outfits

We’ve all done some crazy thing in our lives, and with Twitter, we can let the entire world know about our questionable decisions. In Snooki and Jionni’s case, this couple isn’t ashamed to let you know what they did on their beach vacation — even if it was super crazy!

According to both of their Twitters, Snooki and Jionni took a trip to the beach to go jet skiing, and the result was less than desirable. Snooki tweeted, “Just went jet skiing in the rough ocean. Idk how many times I said ‘Jesus take the wheel.’ #toocrazy #iflewoff @JLaValle.”

The former Jersey Shore star’s fiancé tweeted, “Went jet skiing in the ocean and I was following dolphins and my phone didn’t work! #truestory.” Sounds like Jionni was trying to get some photographic evidence and it didn’t work out for him.

Thank goodness they didn’t let little Lorenzo try to jet ski! That little nugget is growing up so fast, though, it will be no time until he’s swimming with the dolphins!

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