Our Jersey Shore faves were partying hard this 4th of July weekend, and what better way to celebrate than with Instagram selfies?

Deena Nicole definitely agreed as she showed off her cute new bikini — and her tattoos — on Saturday before she lounged by the pool. Her commitment to working out has definitely paid off, and it’s easy to see in the mirror pic that she’s definitely beach ready!

But it seems like Deena’s July 4th festivities weren’t quite as relaxing. She tweeted a rant on Sunday detailing how too many fans approaching her as she hung out in New Egypt watching fireworks turned her awesome day with her family sour. “While I was there a lot of parents and their kids came up and wanted pictures which I don’t mind doing at all,” Deena wrote, “but after about 45 minutes of people coming up and taking pictures I wanted to enjoy the rest of the night with my family and Chris.”

So Deena’s mom put the kibosh on the impromptu meet and greet, but fans at the fireworks show weren’t having it. “Some woman has the audacity to say, ‘Then she shouldn’t even be here then,’” Deena ranted. “I’ve lived in this town 26 years and who are you to say I shouldn’t be at the town fireworks if I don’t want to take pictures?”

Yikes! Sounds stressful. We hope Deena’s night wasn’t ruined!

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