It looks like we’ve got a romantic Situation on our hands — Mike Sorrentino is off the market, and he debuted his new love in an adorable way.

Over the holiday weekend, amidst his birthday celebrations, the Sitch posted a few photos of him and a gorgeous mystery gal. First, he Instagrammed one of them matching, writing, “Fourth of July with my college sweetheart!” Since they were cozied up, we assumed they had to be back together, and that was confirmed after seeing their amazing date night yesterday!

Across many social media platforms, Mike posted pics of their Sunday dinner at the famous Rivolis, including Surf n’ Turf, Chicken Parmesan, Fettuccine Alfredo, Lasagna, and more. It looked like a feast for an entire family, but his last two pics make it seem like it was just them.

With a pic of the incredible spread of desserts, he wrote, “N of Course ; Dessert ; Something Sweet for my college Sweetheart!” But wait, there’s more! He also posted this pic of them smooching over the dinner table — PDA alert! Looking around them, we don’t see anyone else eating with them, so maybe the waiter took this pic? Hope they left a great tip!

We’re not sure which college Mike met this girl at or who she is, but we can narrow it down to either Brookdale Community College, Kean University, or Monmouth University — he studied at all three!

What do you think of The Situation’s new (at least to us) gal? Sound off below!