Vinny Guadagnino is a sweet guy who is loved by all, so it was no surprise to see him cuddling up in public. However, he doesn’t have a new girlfriend... unless you count this adorable animal as his new gal!

We already know that Vin is a huge animal fan — besides being an avid dog lover, Vinny also works to support the ASPCA — but he was cozied up with one you definitely can’t buy at a pet store. So, who was he cuddling up to recently? The cutest penguin we’ve ever seen!

Last week, Vinny uploaded an Instagram pic of himself with his new feathered friend, adding, “That one time I held a penguin . #jenkinsons #penguinlife #happyfeet #keepcalmandholdapenguin.

Vinny even uploaded a video of the fluffy little one waddling around — OMG, so adorable! We’re so jealous of Vinny’s rare penguin experience and wish that we could keep calm and hold a penguin. Hey, maybe he’ll bring some animals on The Show With Vinny!

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