Whether she's hitting the machines at the gym, or leaving New Jersey for a business meeting, Snooki always knows how to dress the part.

The former Jersey Shore star stepped out of her stretch pants and into her lace skirt for a professional outing yesterday (July 9) and we can't get enough of her dressed-up look.

Snooks took to Instagram, showing off a pic of herself rocking a black mini skirt, a black and white polka dotted blouse, and tall white heels. This trendy guidette topped off the look with animal print sunglasses and a big Louis Vuitton purse. She wrote, "City bound to get business done." Attagirl!

Between Snooki's sunglasses and slippers line, plus her books and workout videos, this is one busy business meatball! We mean, mogul.

What do you think of her corporate attire? Weigh in below!

Credit: Snooki's Instagram Photo: Snooki in Business Attire