Credit: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office via Getty Images Photo: Amanda Bynes's Mug Shot, April 6, 2012

With Amanda Bynes’ crazy antics lately, she has become one of the most polarizing and interesting celebrities of all time. Her Twitter has become the stuff of legends and she is known for calling out other celebrities and even calling President Obama and the lovely Michelle “ugly.”

Credit: Angelina Pivarnick's Instagram Photo: Angelina's Goes to the Gym

But one former reality starlet is speaking out in a strangely positive way, saying she wants to make out with the former Nickelodeon star. Who is that crazy gal? None other than Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick! On Thursday, Angelina tweeted, “Why can't @AmandaBynes and I just make out already lol.”

What is attracting Angelina to Amanda? Perhaps it’s the new aqua wig that Amanda was sporting in court the other day. We’re not sure if we can fully support this potential hookup, but whatever floats your boat, Angelina. Maybe she should get on better terms with Pauly D, who recently celebrated his birthday with Amanda...

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