Credit: Instagram Photo: Pauly D's Remix Cocktails Will Be Available at Walmart

DJ Pauly D is more than your average former reality star — he’s actually a musician, and a great one at that! Pauly D was voted favorite DJ of all time by Ryan Seacrest, and has toured with the likes of none other than Britney Spears herself. But this time, he’s on tour with fellow heartthrobs the Backstreet Boys and Jesse McCartney!

Credit: Pauly D on Twitter Photo: DJ Pauly D's Tour Bus

But how exactly is the former Jersey Shore star going to get around, since he doesn’t have his own fancy tour bus? Well that’s where you’re wrong. As of now, Pauly D is the brand new owner of a fancy tour bus. Check it out on the left. Yeah, that’s his new ride.

Pauly D
tweeted this photo with the accompanying caption, “So Excited For The BSB Tour !!! Just Picked Up The Tour Bus, We Got A Great Deal @bigjerryg @DjDannyRockz.” We wonder if he paid the list price of $4,200 or if he was able to talk the dealer down. Either way, that’s a … well… pretty sick ride, we guess!

Just wait until he’s the headliner and he’s living in a big and fancy tour bus. That’ll be the life.

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