Credit: Getty Images

Sometimes we all do things we wish we could take back. Unfortunately for us, social media makes this even more difficult, and no one knows that better than Ronnie Magro.

Credit: Ronnie Magro on Instagram Photo: Ronnie Magro Violates Bethenny Frankel Cardboard Cutout

Over the weekend, the former Jersey Shore star Instagrammed a photo of him doing pretty horrible things with a cardboard cutout of former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel’s “Skinny Girl” cocktails mascot, saying, “I couldn’t help myself #SmyD.” The funny thing is, Ron knew he would probably take some heat for this because he also said, “#gonnagetintroubleforthis.”

Ron has since taken down the photo, likely because of someone telling him it was inappropriate, but we’ve got a screen grab of it right here (though his last hashtag was cut off). And let’s get real — we’re sure Sammi wouldn’t approve of Ron cheating on her with this cardboard cutout.

What do you think about Ronnie’s cardboard faux pas? Was it funny or offensive? Sound off in the comments below.