Over the weekend, Snooki decided the time was right and bought a brand new car! Though she said she bought a new pink truck in May, she’s already splurged for a second... but there’s a catch. This new ride isn’t for her — it’s for her son, Lorenzo! Can you believe he’s already driving? Seems like just yesterday he was learning how to stand on his own. They grow up so fast!

We already know Snooki loves shopping for her almost-1-year-old, but this is definitely our favorite purchase she’s made yet. Snooks posted a super cute pic on Instagram of herself in the driver’s seat of Lorenzo’s new battery powered Cadillac Escalade that could rival her old one. “My new car!!!!” Snooki captioned the photo.

What a classy new car! Only the best for baby Lorenzo, of course. We can’t wait ‘til Snooki posts the inevitably adorable pics of Lorenzo enjoying his new toy. It may just be more cute than his first car, which he got when he was much younger...

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