Credit: Deena Nicole's Instagram Photo: Deena and Chris in Belmar, New Jersey

Deena Nicole has definitely made strides since starring on Jersey Shore with her fellow Meatball Snooki. In fact, both girls have settled down with their men, slimmed down, and are doing better than ever.

Credit: Deena Nicole on Instagram Photo: Deena Nicole Cooks Dinner For Chris

Deena and her boyfriend, Chris Buckner, are about as cute as they can be, and it looks like she might have fully completed her transformation from partier to domestic goddess.

Just check out this dinner spread she made for Chris. She posted the
photo to Instagram with the caption, “Cooked for my man tonight.”Just take a look at all that delicious food: chicken cutlets, corn, string beans, mashed potatoes, and she even has a nice cold beer waiting for him. Seriously, Chris, put a ring on it. This one’s a keeper.

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