Snooki may have been the breakout star from Jersey Shore, but since her son, Lorenzo, arrived on the scene earlier this year, he’s been stealing the spotlight. And how could we not love him? He’s so cute, and he’s growing up so fast!

Snooki’s fiancé and Lorenzo’s daddy, Jionni LaValle, Instagrammed a super adorable pic of the toddler standing up at a glass door. Jionni’s caption? “The beast can’t get out!” Lorenzo already looks so much like his parents, it’s uncanny.

Lorenzo’s been a standing man since earlier this summer, although he’s not quite walking yet. Though Snooks is happy, it mostly makes her scared! "It makes me scared 'cause he can hurt himself," Snooki explained to Wetpaint Entertainment recently. "And it also makes me sad, because now he's starting to become very independent. I don't have to carry him everywhere, he can just be on his own.”

We’re sure he’ll still be very attached to his mama, though — she doesn’t need to worry. We also can’t get enough of baby Lorenzo, so we hope Snooki and Jionni keep sharing pictures and milestones with us as he grows up!

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