Credit: Instagram

JWOWW and her fiance Roger Mathews are bringing some PDA to their GTL.

Roger took to Twitter today (July 23), disregarding all manly weight room rules and posting a photo of him and JWOWW making out at the gym.

And they weren't just flirting by the water fountains. These two Jersey Shore stars worked up a sweat for their kiss, with Roger hanging upside down and JWOWW lifting a heavy-looking weight. This might be the most intense Spiderman kiss we've seen yet!

Check out the photo below of this guido and guidette pair getting down and dirty during their workout. Do you think it's adorable, or should they get a room — and we don't mean the weight room. Weigh in below!

Credit: Roger Mathews's Instagram Photo: JWOWW and Roger Kiss at the Gym