We can’t get enough of Snooki’s adorable baby Lorenzo. We’re so glad Snooks is a total social media addict, because we love her ‘Enzo updates. And now, Jionni, Snooki’s fiancé and baby daddy, is jumping on the bandwagon, too!

Earlier this month, Snooki announced Jionni would be posting his own Daddy Blogs on her Celebuzz blog, and over the weekend, he made his first post.

On the blog, Jionni wrote about Lorenzo’s first beach trip alongside several super cute pics of their fam hanging out at Myrtle Beach. “The fact that he was able to play on the beach was so awesome to see,” Jionni wrote about Lorenzo. “We are the luckiest parents because he is just a happy baby all the time. It was like he knew he was on vacation so he was just smiling all the time and laughing.”

Aww! We are super excited to follow Jionni’s adventures in daddyhood  — and, of course, we’d never turn down more pics of Lorenzo. Though he wasn’t the one to post the pic on the right of Lorenzo “twerking” (or, as mama Snooks put it, “passing out anywhere”), we’ll welcome any updates on the little guy.

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