Sammi is all about the flashback photos, between her adorable baby pics and teen prom photos, but this recent posting might be the most striking throwback we've seen yet.

The former Jersey Shore star took to Facebook, showing off an blue-toned image of herself walking down a city street. In the pic, Sammi looks super chic in white wide-leg pants, a pea coat, and big sunglasses. Her hair is as shiny as always, and we can't get over how put together she looks!

While Sam didn't mention where she was headed to in the photo (bummer), it looks like she's going to a business meeting of some sort. After all, she does have her own line of workout clothes, perfume, and handbags, so this business mogul isn't playing around!

What do you think of her chic style? Sound off in the comments.

Credit: Sammi Sweetheart's Facebook Photo: Sammi Sweetheart's Dramatic and Chic Look