OK, so we know we say every new picture of Snooki’s son, Lorenzo, is the cutest picture ever, but we really mean it this time. Well, we mean it every time, but how you could you not be in love with such an adorable baby?

This week, Lorenzo’s “aww-factor” is already pretty high, and after Snooki’s latest Instagram pic, it’s off the charts. On Tuesday, Snooki posted a super cute pic of Lorenzo “sweeping away the haters” with a child-sized broom. “That’s my boy!” Snooki wrote.

Lorenzo couldn’t ask for a better person to teach him how to deal with haters. Snooki has more experience battling the naysayers than anyone we know, and she’s never been afraid to speak her mind.

And we’re not worried about Lorenzo inheriting his mom’s strong personality, since he’s already pretty tough — so tough, in fact, that he’s not above beating up his own mom. He’s a guy who can definitely take care of himself.

Can you believe he’ll be a year old next month? We can’t!

Do you want to hire Lorenzo to sweep away your own haters? Let us hear about it in the comments!