Credit: Video Still

We’ll admit we’re super jealous of Snooki’s awesome body. But lucky for us, she doesn’t keep her workout secrets to herself. This girl loves her fans and is willing to share the wealth so we can look as good as she does!  

Every Wednesday — which Snooki has dubbed Workout Wednesdays — she and her trainer (who totally looks like he could have been a roommate on Jersey Shore) teach us how to do a different exercise. This week, Snooks taught us how to do a shoulder press!

In the video, Snooki and trainer Anthony Michael explain how to do the exercise (which targets the upper body) with free weights. Snooki demonstrates, and although we assume it’s pretty tough for beginners, she makes it look totally easy.

We giggled when Snooki said, “It’s too early for this shit!” — our thoughts exactly, every single time we work out.

Are you excited to try Snooki’s arm workout? Let us know how it goes for you.