Vinny Guadagnino isn’t quite as selfie crazy as, let’s say, Snooki, but when he does Instagram his pretty face, he likes to make it count. And this week, he did just that when he posted one of our favorite pictures ever of him!

Vinny posted the pic on Instagram on Wednesday, showing off his well-toned arms (and many tattoos!). His slightly scandalous caption that accompanied the picture? “#pulledbackmuscle #needmassage #preferablyasianchick #happyendingoptional.”

Vin looks pretty serious in the pic, but we know inside is the sweet, lovable guy we know and love! We feel bad that he injured his back, but maybe he could have left the two hashtags off, or just gone to get a massage.

For now, we’ll just focus on the muscles he’s showing off in the shirtless pic. Notably, during his childhood, he was a mini karate champ — maybe all that childhood training helped build those awesome muscles!

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