Prepare yourselves for the cutest photo you'll see all day.

Snooki's fiance Jionni LaValle took to Twitter earlier in the week, posting a photo of Lorenzo taking a bubble bath. In the pic, baby 'Enzo's hair strongly resembles his "uncle" Pauly D's blowout, so Jionni tweeted, "Hey @DJPaulyD how's my hair coming??" What a little guido in training!

As for Pauly's response to the pic? Let's just say he adores it almost as much as we do. "Haha I Love It !!!!!!" Pauly replied. We're sure our favorite DJ will give Lorenzo some styling tips in no time!

Check out the photo below and let us know how cute you think it is in the comments.

Credit: Jionni LaValle's Twitter Photo: Lorenzo Rocks a Blowout Hairdo