Working out is hard. There are always so many things you’d rather be doing, and it’s a super difficult habit to get into and keep. Sharing pics of your progress can help motivate you, though, and Snooki, our resident Queen of Selfies, is definitely taking advantage of that tool.

On Thursday, Snooki Instagrammed a pic of her legs looking fierce in the locker room of her gym. “Stallion legs baby!” she wrote. Basically, the new GTL is gorgeous, toned legs!

We love Snooki’s legs (and her hot pink tennis shoes!). Maybe she should teach us how she does it in her next Workout Wednesday video?

We have one idea of how she got her legs to tone up so well, though: leg presses. Did you know Snooki can press over two hundred pounds (read: one million times her body weight)? Yes, it’s a crazy high number, but totally doable if you’re willing to dedicate yourself the way our newly lean meatball has!

Are you as jealous of Snooki’s toned legs as we are? Sound off in the comments!