Credit: Jason Winslow/Splash News Photo: Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil

After completing a 30-day stint at Florida's Lukens Institute, Tan Mom (aka Patricia Krentcil) is speaking out about her road to recovery.

Now home in Nutley, New Jersey with family, the controversial figure is trying to stay sober. "It's work, but I've changed my attitude and behavior," she said. "I feel great. My mind is clear and I'm grateful to be alive."

Apparently addiction runs in her family and the disease has caused years of pain for Patricia. revealing exclusively to In Touch that she "was drinking two bottles of wine a day." For Patricia, drinking "made me not have to think."

Now fresh out of rehab, Patricia is proud of herself for completing the program. "I cried a lot," she said. Now attending Alcoholic Anonymous meetings and seeing a counselor once a week, Patricia reveals that she feels inspired to become a counselor.

"I'm very happy to be sober," she said.

Source: In Touch