Credit: Instagram

We love when our fave Jersey Shore stars introduce us to their families — and Ronnie Magro’s got a big one. We’ve already met his sisters, and now, it’s our turn to meet his little bro!

Over the weekend, Ronnie Instagrammed a pic with his little brother, 23-year-old Rob Krager. In the adorable photo, Ronnie poses alongside Rob, who’s all smiles. “My little brother #BroSeph #LaFamalia#LooksLikeApatchOnMyEye#CaptainRon #Y&R@rkrager #IHateSmiling #Cheese?ImNotChester,” said hashtag-crazy Ron. 

We can totally see the resemblance. And we love that in the pic, Ronnie’s sporting clothes from Young and Reckless, a company Rob works in marketing for. Ron is so sweet to support his bro!

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