Angelina Pivarnick is becoming an aunt! Well, kind of/sort of.

The former Jersey Shore star took to Instagram, posting tons of adorable photos of herself holding a baby girl. The newborn, named Giordana Grace, belongs to Angelina's boyfriend Anthony's sister. So they may not technically be related, but man, is this bow-wearing baby adorable!

And it looks like having a new bundle of joy around is giving Angelina baby fever herself. Along with one of the photos, she wrote, "Little baby. Makes me want one."

Afterall, Angelina did tell the public back in 2011 that she was pregnant and had suffered a miscarriage. And while some people questioned the truth behind that, it looks like this Jersey girl is ready to start trying.

And while we doubt her little one would have a friend in Snooki's baby Lorenzo, we'd welcome all mini guidos and guidettes into the expanding Jersey Shore family!