Snooki collects mass amounts of shoes, Pauly D’s got a few motorcycles, and now, The Situation’s collection obsession has been revealed. So, what’s he keeping major inventory of?

Remote control cars — which he keeps in a corner of his house he’s dubbed The Situation Room. We love it! This week, he shared several pictures of his Traxxas cars all lined up and ready to race. He’s even got an airplane! “Love my cars,” said The Sitch.

Mike looks as happy as a kid on Christmas morning posing with his cars. We love that his collection makes him so happy — as long as he’s got the money to support his car addiction, we’re on board!

We wonder what his new girlfriend (and old college sweetheart) thinks of his collection. Hey, Mike, could we get an Instavideo of you guys racing each other? Too cute.

What do you think of The Situation’s remote control car collection? Sound off below!