Credit: Deena Nicole's Instagram Photo: Deena and Chris in Belmar, New Jersey

Deena Nicole Cortese and her boyfriend Chris are definitely the odd couple of the former Jersey Shore cast. Don’t get us wrong, they’re super adorable together, but they’ve been known to do some pretty weird stuff — just wait ‘til you see what they’ve been up to this week!

Credit: Deena Nicole on Instagram Photo: Deena Nicole and Chris Extreme PDA

During their trip to Atlantic City, Deena and Chris threw all social conventions out the window and posed for a mirror pic in a public bathroom. “Love ac trips with my baby,” said Deena’s caption. It’s a totally cute picture, and Deena’s hair looks amazing, but we’re a little concerned by the sink in the background!

As one of Deena’s commenters mentioned, it does kinda look like a hotel room. But if it was a public bathroom, we’re not judging — we just hope they washed their hands first — and probably after too! Deena and Chris are obviously made for each other, and we’re glad to see them so happy together.

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