Although she’s toned it down a bit since becoming a mother, Snooki’s always been known for her wacky taste in clothing. With her love of leopard print, bright colors, and loud patterns, it would be hard to get bored of Snooki’s wardrobe. Combine her taste in fashion with her entrepreneurial spirit, and you get Snooki’s slipper line!

Credit: Snooki on Instagram Photo: Snooki's Fabulous Slippers

And in the midst of all the baby pictures of Lorenzo she’s been posting lately, we totally forgot about it! Luckily, Snooks took to Instagram to remind us. On Tuesday, she posted a pic in one of her latest designs — and we love them! “New style from my Snooki slippers collection ❤,” she said.

Snooki’s slippers look super cozy and are covered in sequins. We wouldn’t mind wearing these sparkly shoes around the house — especially if they’re as comfy as they look!

What do you think about her new slipper design? Are you ready to go buy your own pair? Let us know below!