Credit: Vinny Guadagnino's Instagram Photo: Vinny Guadagnino Sexy and Shirtless, Shows Off Tattoos

In love with Jersey Shore cutie-turned-talk-show-host Vinny Guadagnino? Today’s your lucky day, because he spilled some valuable info on what he’s looking for in a girl on Twitter earlier this week!

“I want a 10 who thinks she’s a 7,” Vinny tweeted on Tuesday. In case you’re not sure what he’s talking about, he’s looking for a perfect girl who doesn’t know she’s beautiful. Maybe he’s been listening to too much One Direction lately!

The very single Vinny recently aired his opinions of relationships in a short video clip where he revealed that relationships look like fun... ‘til he’s in one, of course. Think you could be the girl who turns that around for him?

We’ll admit we haven’t been too worried about Vinny’s opinions about women lately... after his slightly scandalous and mildly offensive Instavideos about girls, we’re a little turned off. Come on, Vinny — where’s that sweet guy we know and love?

Do you fit the bill for Vinny’s perfect girl? Share your thoughts below!