We love, love, love “Throwback Thursday” photos — especially when they’re of our favorite celebrities. We thought this pic of Pauly D and Vinny was adorable, but now it’s Snooki’s turn!

In honor of our favorite fake Instagram holiday, Snooks posted a photo of herself with a friend at a party, red Solo cup in hand and duckface on deck. “Freshman year of college and I think I’m pretty cool rocking my party cup,” Snooks said on her Celebuzz blog. “You’re so not hot Nicole.” To see the throwback photo, click here.

We can’t believe how different Snooki looks! In college, her tan was darker than ever before — hard to believe after her orange Jersey Shore days. And after her fitness and workout kick, Snooki practically looks like a different person now. Adulthood has definitely been good to her!

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