Credit: Instagram

Former Jersey Shore star Deena Nicole and boyfriend Chris have been super tight lately — especially when they took that adorable mini-vacay to Atlantic City last week! So when Chris spotted canoodling with another girl, we were a little surprised.

Credit: Deena Nicole on Instagram Photo: Deena Nicole's Boyfriend Chris Cuddles With Cali

But don’t worry. We suspect Deena’s not too concerned about competing with Chris’ cuddly friend — especially since she’s furry, has four legs, and is rocking a tail. Yep, Deena Instagrammed an adorable pic of Chris cozied up with their tiny dog, Cali! “Cali giving daddy kisses!!!!” Deena said, and Chris is definitely feeling the love!

Our favorite guidos and guidettes have always been super obsessed with their pets. Sammi Sweetheart and Ronnie Magro are known for being photographed with their crazy cute dogs, Kylie and Brynley.

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