Credit: Instagram Photo: Snooki's Weight Loss

We’re loving Snooki’s “Girl Problems” series on her Celebuzz blog — we can totally relate, especially when it comes to her vid last week about short, unpolished nails. Nothing can compare to the awesome feeling of having fabulous fingers! But we’ve gotta say, we were totally thrown for a loop when we watched her newest installment.

This week, Snooks has a whole new pet peeve to share. In the video, Snooki reveals, “I hate taking a million pictures of myself and not liking any of them. I’m hideous!”

What?! We’re shocked. For a girl who posts so many selfies on Instagram, we can’t believe she doesn’t like taking them. Although we must admit, nothing’s more frustrating than trying to get the perfect selfie shot — especially when the lighting’s not right or we’re just having a not-so-photogenic day.

And p.s., Snooki: you’re not hideous! We think you’re gorg, and so are your selfies!

What do you think of Snooki’s latest girl problem? Do you hate selfies, too? Sound off below!