People may have had their doubts about Snooki’s mommy skills, but since Lorenzo was born, it’s obvious she was made for the job. And Snooki’s latest pic of her hangtime with Lorenzo? Cuteness overload.

Credit: Snooki on Instagram Photo: Snooki Reading to Lorenzo

Snooki and Lorenzo bonded over one of our favorite children’s books, The Rainbow Fish, and Snooks captured the sweetest photo of the moment. “Reading my baby my favorite book growing up,” she said.

The Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister, is about a pretty fish who thinks he’s too good looking to play with the other fish — until he realizes it’s way better to share his fancy scales and make friends. Sounds a little like Snooki, right? No wonder she loved the book so much.

We love The Rainbow Fish! It’s super adorable that Snooki reads to Lorenzo, and good for his development, too. Baby genius in the making, perhaps?

What do you think of Snooki and Lorenzo’s reading time? Any book suggestions for next time? Sound off below!